Assisted Living: It’s All About the Living

Mar 13, 2018
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The term “assisted living” often has a bad connotation – particularly for the aging adults these facilities are designed for. To them, assisted living symbolizes the end of independence. The end of control. The end of life as they know it.

In reality, these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Because while sure, moving to an assisted living facility does mark a huge change in life, it’s almost always a change for the better – one that improves an older adult’s quality of life, not worsens it.

Do you have a loved one or family member who cringes at the phrase “assisted living?” Are you worried about entering an assisted living facility yourself? Read on to learn more about how assisted living facilities enhance life, making it more rewarding, more fulfilling and more satisfying.

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A Robust Social Life

One of the biggest benefits of assisted living is the connections it allows you to make. Every day, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and socialize. From the neighbors down the hall to your nurses, cooks and staff members, the opportunities for connection never cease.

Most of them will be your age, too – people who like the same things as you, who come from the same time and background as you, and who understand what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. Enjoy dinner with a friend, a game of cards with a neighbor or just a good chat with your roommate any time of day, whenever you like. If you’ve been living on your own for a while, this can be quite the game-changer when it comes to quality of life.

Opportunities for Continued Learning and Growth

You’ll also never stop learning and growing in an assisted facility. With access to a full calendar of classes, game nights and even outreach opportunities, there’s something every day to expand your mind and keep you on your toes.

Here at Gantons, we offer piano lessons, trips to the local interfaith center for community service and even a series of talks called Countryside conversations, designed to spark discussion about important issues to our residents. It’s something we take very seriously at our facility, as we want our residents to feel excited and challenged – both mentally and socially – during their stay with us.

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Improved Health and Wellness

From expertly planned and cooked meals to state-of-the-art rehabilitative facilities, better health and wellness is right at your fingertips in assisted living. You have access to trained and experienced physicians, nurses, therapists and every medical expert you could need – all working closely to ensure you’re at optimal health. The ultimate goal? To help you live as long and happy a life as possible.

Ease, Convenience and Support

There’s nothing easy about living alone – especially as you age. Dressing, showering and even just making a meal become a chore, and it can start to weigh on both your body and mind over time.

In assisted living, these menial tasks are no longer a worry. You get help with whatever you need, no questions asked. The result is an easier, more convenient, less stressful life in which you get full support in everything you do.

A-plus Amenities

When you move into an assisted living facility, you also get all new amenities as well. With free wi-fi, satellite TV, spacious living quarters and comfortable furniture, you basically get a home makeover with full-service care and support thrown in for good measure. Add in the fully provided meals, food and housekeeping, and it’s a resort-style getaway you’ll never want to end.

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Safety and security

Worried about safety late at night? Don’t have a plan if an emergency occurs? No ride to the hospital? These problems are no longer an issue in assisted living. With 24-hour staffing, an emergency response system and on-site nurses and doctors, you’re always in safe hands – no matter what the issue or when it occurs. It’s peace of mind you’ll never find when living alone.

Not All Assisted Living Facilities are Equal

It’s important to note that not all assisted living facilities are the same. To enjoy all the benefits we mentioned, you’ll want to make sure to vet your facility very carefully. You’ll particularly want to pay attention to:

  • Reviews and ratings – Most states have a health services department that keeps files on all medical and assisted living facilities within its jurisdiction. You’ll want to check with your state’s department before choosing a home and make sure there have been no reports of abuse or poor care. You’ll also want to check online for reviews from past customers and residents.
  • Facilities and amenities – Some assisted living homes offer the bare-bones – just a bed, a chair and two roommates, while others offer more private-style living with spacious arrangement and plush furniture. You’ll also want to look into the facility’s services, like housekeeping, laundry, meal service and more. These are what can really mean the difference in quality of life.
  • Events and offerings – Not all assisted living facilities offer events or programming. Before you choose a home, visit the facility and check any calendars posted on the wall or website. See what residents are up to on a day to day basis, and make sure there is plenty to do, see and keep your mind active on the property.
  • Staff and health professionals – All assisted living facilities have staff, but not all of them have staff that’s specially trained in health and medical care. If you want absolute safety in times of emergency, as well as the opportunity for optimal health and wellness, make sure you choose a facility with a full staff of nurses, doctors and aides who can make it happen.

Cast all your preconceived notions aside. In today’s world, assisted living can actually improve an aging adult’s life – maybe even lengthen it. Are you interested in assisted living for yourself or a loved one? Stop by Ganton’s Countryside today. We’d love to show you around.

For information about Countryside, please call Margaret Nagel at (517) 206-5000 or download our brochure to learn about our care levels, cost, and amenities.

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