10 Ways Independent Living Communities Support Your Desired Lifestyle

Nov 9, 2021
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The chance to lead an active, independent life in retirement is why many seniors feel they should stay in their family home. In reality, however, it can be more restrictive than the alternative: an independent senior living community. Take a look at 10 great reasons an independent living community can help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you desire.

#1 — Independent Living Community Choices:

Today’s vibrant independent living communities offer seniors a variety of choices from the type of housing to services desired to dining plans and more. For example, at Ganton’s Countryside, our home choices include condominiums to purchase and villas to rent in independent living, as well as apartments in our beautiful Atrium and Countryside Court buildings to rent in independent+ living. Each comes with options for services and levels of care designed to provide everything seniors want and need to live a carefree lifestyle.

#2 — Active lifestyle:

Many seniors make it a part of everyday life to get in shape and stay healthy by staying active in body and mind. In an independent living community, seniors can choose from a variety of activities like taking trips to local venues and events, enjoying guest speakers and performers, exercise and other stimulating classes, movies, dances, and much more. Residents can pick and choose what works best for them and when. For a look at what’s going on each month at Ganton’s Countryside, check out our community newsletter.

#3 — Independent Living Community Security:

Living as a senior in the 21st century means putting safety and security first, something that can be a real challenge when living at home. From protecting your home and property to having help available quickly in the event of an emergency, independent living communities go the extra mile to make resident safety a top priority. From looking after homes when residents are away, to keeping roads and walks clear and clean, to providing a 24/7 emergency call system option, seniors in independent living have a level of security that is difficult to achieve at home.

#4 Aging in place

A home that is safe and accessible is a home where seniors can age in place without worrying about how they will fare in the future. Independent living provides those little differences like accessible bathrooms, wide doors and spacious open floor plans, making it the best of both worlds; a home that is both lovely and easy and safe to live in as they age. For more about aging in place in a senior living community, our blog, “5 Great Reasons to Age in Place at an Independent Living Community.”

#5 Carefree maintenance

Unlike living in the family home, independent living communities offer the freedom to spend your hard-earned retirement doing what you want, rather than what you have to do to keep the house clean, landscaped, safe, and well maintained. No more snow shoveling, worrying about lawn care while away, or all those other tasks that pile up and consume time and energy. In an independent senior living community, you can opt for the service and maintenance plan that fits your lifestyle.

#6 Dining options in an Independent Living Community

Even seniors who love to cook and prepare their favorite recipes will appreciate the opportunity to take a day off and let someone else do the cooking. In independent living, the options for full daily meal plans or just occasional meals can make life easier while providing the chance to meet and eat with friends and family in a communal or a private dining room. At Ganton’s Countryside, we offer chef-prepared meals in our dining rooms as well as light meals and snacks in our Manor Deli. Find out more about how important communal dining can be in the brainworldmagazine.com article, “Never Eat Alone! The Benefits of Eating With Others.”

#7 All in one place

Independent living communities are just that— communities — and as such, offer a broad range of onsite services and amenities that residents can access as desired. Among them are full fitness clubs with regular classes and assistance, hair and nail salons and barbershops, pharmacy and hearing services, massage therapy, transportation to planned events as well as to appointments and shopping, libraries, outdoor attractions like picnic pavilions and walking paths, and visiting physicians, podiatrists and mobile x-rays. No need to drive or take public transportation, it’s all right on campus! To find out more about what the best independent living communities offer, our blog, “Top Questions to Ask When Considering an Independent Living Community,” offers a wealth of information.

#8 Upgraded care as needed

One of the greatest assets of life in an independent living community like Ganton’s Countryside is that should the need for more care arise, there is no waiting line. You are prioritized so that if and when the time comes, the move to assisted living, for example, is seamless and smooth. Learn more in our blog, “Independent Living or Assisted Living: Which is the best choice for you?

#9 Pet-friendly homes

Many seniors believe if they move to an independent living community it means they have to leave their beloved pets behind. But, more and more communities like Ganton’s Countryside know that pets are family members and a source of love and companionship for seniors. We welcome most pets and their parents in our community!

#10 Social opportunities

Life in independent living also offers many chances for seniors to avoid loneliness and isolation and meet new friends. From social events to meals and daily classes, residents can quickly become integral in their new “neighborhood” and feel they are an important part of the community. Not only is this fun, it’s a big part of staying healthy, sharp and active. Our blog, “Senior Health: 5 Reasons Not to Ignore Loneliness,” explains why it’s so important and some of the repercussions of loneliness for seniors.

Ganton’s Countryside is a wonderful community for seniors at all levels of care and we welcome your questions. For more information about Countryside, please call Margaret Nagel at (517) 206-5000 or download our brochure below to learn about our care levels, cost, and amenities.

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