Ganton's Countryside Retirement Community FAQ’s

Countryside Villas

Purchase or Rent?

Our villas are a leasing option for those who are independent. The lease is one year, but after the first year, it renews itself on a monthly basis.

What is the difference between Independent PLUS+ and Independent living?

Independent PLUS+ means that you still can enjoy your independent lifestyle, while at the same time enjoying the perks of apartment living in the Court or Atrium. Some of the perks would be; 2 or 3 meals a day, housekeeping, flat laundry service, emergency call system and more!

Are meals included?

When renting a villa, there is not a meal plan that is included but for those interested you may purchase meal tickets and join us in one of our many dining rooms on campus to enjoy meals prepared by our executive chef.

Do I have to mow the lawn?

Those who live in a villa are able to enjoy maintenance free living! No more snow shoveling, lawn mowing or leaf raking, you can cross that off of your list of things to do and enjoy your retirement. Snowbirds enjoy living in our villas!

May I bring my pet?

YES! Countryside is a pet friendly community. There is a non-refundable pet fee that does apply.

What other bills will I be responsible for?

Villa residents do receive a Consumers bill, telephone/internet and a Comcast bill. You would not receive a sewer/water bill.

Independent PLUS+ – Countryside Court and Countryside Atrium

What is the length of the lease?

The lease is 1 year and it will renew on a monthly basis every month after the first year.

What is the square footage of the apartments?

The independent PLUS+ apartments range from 637 sq ft to 996 sq ft.

Do I have a full kitchen?

The apartments feature a full kitchen, complete with an electric stove and refrigerator.

Will I need to cook my own meals?

Included with the Secure Home Services portion of your lease, you will be receiving 2 or 3 meals a day; a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner. So no, you will not need to cook your meals, you will be able to enjoy fine dining in one of our beautiful dining rooms.

What if there is an emergency? Is there 24-hour staff?

Incase of an emergency the Court and Atrium apartments are equipped with an emergency pull cord or you will wear an emergency pendant. There is not 24-hour staff in the court or atrium, but when an emergency arises you will be assisted by our assisted living staff.

What about housekeeping?

We provide bi-weekly housekeeping. Our housekeeping staff will enter your home and tend to the vacuuming, light dusting and sanitize your bathroom and kitchen.

Do I do my own laundry?

Included with your Secure Home Services lease, your bed linen and towels will be washed for you on a bi-weekly basis. You will be responsible for your personal laundry, as well as making/changing of your bed sheets and putting your clean towels away. If you find your-self needing assistance with your personal laundry or bed making/changing, you may pay for that service and we will take care of that too!

Can I still drive?

Absolutely! We offer carports/garages for those residents who still drive.

Can I bring my pet?

YES! Countryside is a pet friendly community. There is a non-refundable pet fee that does apply.

Assisted Living – Countryside Manor and Countryside Grand

We have long term health insurance do you take this?

There are some insurances that we do accept, we will work with you to find out if the is covered.

What is your staff ratio?

We are correct with what the state dictates, changes may occur if census changes.

Do we have to change our Dr. to your Dr.?

No you do not. It is something we can offer if you have a difficult time getting your loved one to an appointment. If they are a level 2 or 3 for care, our Doctor will see them here on site.

Can two people (not related) share an apartment?

Yes they can, both require a credit check and a process fee, they will both have a level of service and a second person rent is involved.

Skilled Nursing – Countryside Care Center

Short-term Rehabilitation – Ganton Rehab

Johnny O's FAQ's

Hours of operation?

Johnny O's is open at 6:00 am – 9:00 pm. 7 days a week.

Are you open to the public?

Anyone from the public may choose Johnny O’s Fitness Club for their health fitness. It may be on our Countryside Campus, but you don’t have to live here to have a membership.

What type of machinery to you we have?

Johnny O’s is complete with hand weights, machines and circuit training. Just to name a few: elliptical, stationary bikes, treadmills.

What is a keyless entry?

Keyless entry means that upon acquiring your membership, you will be giving a 4 digit pin code that you choose. You will be able to enter the club during its operating hours using your pin.

Can my son/daughter go w/o me?

Must be 16 and accompanied with a parent upon each visit. The cost is $20 per month, due up front for the entire length of membership. Due to liability issues, no one under 16 years old is allowed on the gym floor, but can sit at the lobby table.

Do you have a trainer?

We have a trainer available for your workout needs, he is available by appointment only. Please inquire with manager.

Ganton Home Care FAQ's

What is your minimum amount of service time for Private Duty services?

Ganton Home Care is committed to providing individualized care plans for each client, therefore we only ask for a minimum of one hour for our services.

Is your staff bonded and insured?

Yes, Ganton Home Care covers each staff member with liability insurance and they are all bonded to ensure the safety and well being of each of our clients.

I think I may need Therapy, how can I get that started?

Ganton Home Care is proud to be able to provide you with skilled nursing and therapy services. Insurance covered services need a physician’s order to begin and if you do not have one yet, we can help you obtain one. We work very closely with our local physicians.

What is your service area?

Our Private Duty department services Jackson County and the surrounding areas and our Certified Skilled nursing and therapy staff serves all of Jackson County.

Should I pay my caregiver directly?

No, you will never need to pay our aides or any staff for services provided. We will send you an invoice in the mail and payment should be made directly back to the office.

What kind of training does your Home Health Aide and Personal Care Assistant staff receive?

Our Home Health Aides and Personal Care Assistants are required to receive a minimum of twelve hours a year in training. Ganton Home Care is very pleased to say that our Aides and Assistants receive a least a minimum of 24 hours annually. We also train each caregiver to the specific nature of every case. You can be rest assured that your caregiver will be trained from the first visit in your individual needs.

How do I book a transport and will the staff member stay with me?

Not being able to drive is a big transition in life and Ganton Home Care recognizes your need to maintain your independence. With that in mind, we provide a unique transport serviced that can take you anywhere you need to go whether its to the doctor or the grocery store. You can maintain your independence and accomplish the daily tasks of life with this service. To book the transport service, all you have to do is call us with at least 24 hours notice. If an emergency should arise, call us, we will do what we can to accommodate your request. Our staff members can stay with you or drop you off and pick you up, its all up to you and what you are most comfortable in doing.

What types of services are provided through Private Duty?

Private Duty services are unique to the individual. Maybe you need housekeeping, a meal prepared or assistance with medications. In the beginning of your case, a registered nurse will come to your home and meet with you. You, along with the nurse, will develop a care plan specific to your needs. Every one is different and we will do all we can to ensure your happiness, safety and satisfaction.

What types of services are covered under my insurance or Medicare?

With a physicians signed order, skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social services and home health aide care can be provided under your insurance or Medicare. As with private duty services, a registered nurse will come to your home on the first visit and assess your medical needs and conditions. The nurse will then contact your physician and coordinate an individualized care plan just for you.

Will there be a co pay?

Certified home health services are covered under Medicare Part A with no co pay. We also take numerous secondary insurances but prior to any services being provided we will contact your insurance companies and determine any payment responsibility you may have. We will make sure you know about the co pays or deductibles and give you the choice to continue with services. Our commitment to you is to make sure you are always informed. We also work with your long term care insurance and the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit who often cover private duty services. Some times, insurance can be overwhelming, we would be glad to offer any assistance to you in determining coverage.

Can I hire a Private Duty Aide for someone?

Yes you can! Of course, a registered nurse would still come in the beginning to assess the needs of the client, but billing can be set up to go wherever the client, family or power of attorney would like. Prior to any private duty services, you will receive a detailed billing statement explaining any charges.

What type of screening do your staff undergo upon hire?

Our staff all go through a thorough background check prior to employment and prior to any visits to ensure your well being and safety. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care and caregivers!

Will you assign a staff member to my case or will it be someone different every visit?

Ganton Home Care’s philosophy is that we are providing more than just service to our clients. A one to one caregiver/client arrangement should be a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Through our initial conversations with you, as the client, we will do everything possible to match you with an aide or caregiver that will meet your needs. Our goal is to establish a quality relationship that will last long term.

What does it mean that Ganton Home Care is Accredited?

Ganton Home Care is accredited through the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). What this means to you is that Ganton Home Care has made a conscious decision to provide our community with higher standards of excellence than those required by Medicare alone. The Accreditation process raises the minimum standards of quality to a higher level, demanding that the best care be provided to our clients and community. We are very proud of our Accreditation as it means, we are setting a new standard in our community for home health.